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Sierra Mist’s Stand-Up or Sitdown Comedy Challenge is sort of the ultimate popularity contest, so before we get to who I think will win, let’s do a myspace friend comparison as of 1PM PST:

Sarah Colohna: 1,012
Jordan Rubin: 3,406
Eddie Ifft:  9,569
Steve Byrne: 16,241
Jen Kober: 25,246

So, a really cynical prediction would be to say Jen Kober’s going to take all this.

To my applause-o-meter, also know as my ears, the winner is likely to be Steve Byrne who got the best reaction at the show itself. I’m not sure if that came through the TBS broadcast - maybe they sweetened all the laughs, I haven’t seen it. But that’s what sounded the loudest. That said, Jen Kober’s performance was the first one to wake the room up.

But YMMV, check out the Stand-Up or Sitdown myspace page and vote.

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