Stand-Up “Group C”

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Stand-Ups are grouped together by letter here, each five to a group. There’s no theme or anything, so one act can be quite a bit different from the next. Group C, had DeRay, Robert Kelly, Lenny Marcus, Veronica Mosey and Brent Weinbach with the show MCed by Guy Torry

They all a pretty good command of the crowd, but the one I enjoyed most myself was Brent Weinbach. His style is definitely off-kilter. He holds the mike with two hands, every word annunciated carefully, in an almost staccato rhythm. He reminded me a little of Gilbert Gottfried. My favorite joke of his involved a hardcore gangsta picking a flower; he simply stands on stage, and, in perfect homeboy, says “Oh, snap” and mimes picking the flower. That just killed me.

Brent’s also self aware enough to play on stage with what he’d be like if he was both more natural (which satirizes other comics’ easy jokes with a bit Arnold Schwarznegger taking a dump) annd more creepy (“You know the problem with poo-poo? God made it delicious.”). He wasn’t necessary somebody for everybody in that room Wednesday night, but I can definitely see why he’s a favorite of America’s Radio Sweetheart Jesse Thorn. To get a taste of Brent check out the clip archive on his website.

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Posted by Jesse Thorn on 03/09  at  01:37 PM

Brent also has a great CD called “Tales From the Brown Side.”  This episode of The Sound of Young America has a clip from it:

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