South Park Episode Pulled?

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Boing Boing has reported that a South Park episode protested by a Catholic group may have been dropped from schedule. However the episode, entitled “Bloody Mary”, is on my current cable schedule for 12:30AM, but it’s not on Comedy Central’s online schedule for tonight or any other night in the near future. That schedule, presumably, should be the most accurate.

It’s uncertain yet what exactly is going on. It may not be clear until 12:30 tonight if the episode has been pulled. (My very smart wife, a lapsed Catholic, points out the episode may just be temporarily removed considering how close this repeat airing is to Christmas.) More to come.

Video from the episode of the Virgin Mary spraying blood on a Catholic church official.

UPDATE: “Bloody Mary” indeed did not air tonight. So far, no gloating from the Catholic League. Earlier they did get Joseph A. Califano, Jr., a practicing Catholic and Viacom (Comedy Central Parent company) board member, to condem the episode. He did, however, leave the the ultimate decision to Viacom President Tom Freston. I imagine the repeat airing is probably delayed until after the holidays, and will probably reair at some date after the dust clears (Matt & Trey carry a lot of weight too). Still, if you disagree with the Catholic League, it might be best to write Comedy Central and let them know.

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Posted by Jacko on 12/28  at  02:49 PM

Didn’t they show this episode a few weeks ago?  I know I’ve seen it oor soething very similar! I was kind of amazed that they actually showed the whole thing, even on CC.

Posted by NVMojo on 12/29  at  02:29 AM

I live in freeperville in Nevada and some religious whank wrote a letter to the editor about a week ago asking people to write Comedy Central and threaten them with a boycott if they didn’t yank the Bloody Mary episode.

What’s funny is I wondered why someone like that didn’t protest a recent South Park episode dealing with the antichrist and abortion. Some folks just do not know how to lighten up with themselves or their “religion”.

Todd Jackson
Posted by Todd Jackson on 12/29  at  06:33 AM

Jacko - The episode was shown originally on December the 9th. The protest came after the airing.

And NVMojo, you’re right - SP airs plenty of controversial episodes. If I had to pick one from the ninth season that I thought would have caused problems for the network, I would have imagined the Tom Cruise/Scientology one would have been it. If they jumped anytime anyone complained about the show, SP would have never made it to nine seasons.

Posted by matthew on 12/29  at  09:03 AM

Hi, I checked the southpark website and it was Originally aired: Wednesday December 7, 2005 on Comedy Central. Its a wonder that they didn’t get a lot of protests from AA members as the main thrust of the show was bagging out Alcoholics Anonymous and its 12 step program aluding to it being ultimately unhelpful and a cult.

As an ex Narcotics Anonymous member I found the show very amusing and eye opening on the subject, in my opinion 12 step programs are self perpetuated cults that do more harm than good. regardless the part of the episode where “the Pope gets sprayed with blood from the virgin mary’s vagina” is quite apt for a possible aristocrat joke!!!

Posted by Rob on 12/30  at  11:35 AM

Catholic League president William Donahue recently made some pretty nasty comments about Jews. Now, you could argue he was talking about Hollywood Jews, but the fact that he had to bring their religion into it shows a seriously warped mind at work. To me his comments, because they were meant seriously, are more offensive than anything on South Park.

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