SNL Monopolizes Funny Fake Ads? Or is just the Leading Brand?

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I put this is the news feed before, but I’m a little disappointed with Nerve’s list of 50 Greatest Commercial Parodies. Nerve’s a sex site, they’re not claiming to be experts on comedy. But still, it’s glaring that nothing from Mr. Show or Tim & Eric didn’t make it on there. Saturday Night Live has done some brilliant commercial parodies, but they don’t own the form as much as the list suggests.

Any future list writers should pick up the first season of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, which just came to DVD last month. Here’s a brilliant ad from their first episode called B’Owl, a Cinco toy. It’s #40 on that list at least.

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Posted by FunBox Comedy on 05/09  at  05:08 PM

You’re right on about the great commercials on Tim and Eric, the “midi organizer,” is also really fun. 

It seems those types of lists are usually weighted towards easy access to source material, which is understandable.  They’re still fun to look at though, given a grain of salt.

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