Sir AristoContest the Third

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Drawing at least one rave review in the bee-ell-oh-gee-oh-sphere, Aristocontest 3 was a grand time for all who can laugh at pictures of open sores on penises. Thanks to Josh Schrei (who brought the pics of syphilitic genitals. Thanks, Josh!), Jordan Carlos, Todd Levin, Richard Jones, and winner Baron Vaughn of the Brooklyn Comedy Company, whose rap version featured Rosa Parks violated in ways the KKK never imagined. And as always many thanks to host and co-conspirator Alex Zalben of Elephant Larry.

We’re doing it again in December. Aristocontest Four promises to have a few surprises. Stay tuned.

Also, check out Fearsome‘s new sketch show “Fearsome and such…” at the PIT. The team performs some fantastic funny stuff at a frenetic pace that all connects together. There’s some great observational stuff about how we physically look while making out, some time travel to destroy a terrible sketch, much rewinding of another and one painfully funny pause. Check it out Fridays at 8PM at the PIT.

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Posted by Jenny Piston on 11/17  at  01:34 PM

Hi, Todd Jackson! Thanks for the link! The show was very entertaining and if I knew how to pronounce ROFL and LOL and LMAO, I would have cried out “ROFL! LOL! LMAO!” Will there be cake and cookies at the next Aristocontest? Because if I have a mouthful of cake and cookies I can do my best at crying out “ROFL! LOL! LMAO!” and I won’t be embarrassed and look uneducated and stuff if I mispronounce them (I eat cookies every time I talk about Van Gogh at cocktail parties)

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