SCTV Parodies SNL: Sketch Comedy Eats Itself

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Found via the blog of Dennis Perrin, author of the great Michael O’Donoghue biography Mr. Mike.

To me, its more of an evisceration of comedy audiences than SNL itself. Do you think if legalize pot in this country, that would stop the “Woo!” you get every time from an audience at it’s very mention?

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Posted by anonymous boxer on 10/25  at  10:31 PM

It would be fun to find out.

Posted by Dan Firoella on 10/25  at  10:34 PM

and funny how many of them wound up on SNL.  And a quick glimpse of Wendy Whiner.

Posted by Tim Harrod on 10/31  at  10:01 AM

This sketch is also parodying “Fridays,” ABC’s transparent knock-off of SNL that launched talents including Larry David and Michael Richards. It’s kind of a holistic evisceration of the state of sketch comedy circa 1981.

Posted by Jim M. on 11/06  at  09:45 PM

Thanks so much for posting this! I have been thinking about this half-remembered sketch for a month now, trying to recall enough about it to figure out if it was on DVD somewhere. This is a boon; I can devote that brainpower to something else now.

Posted by humann on 02/14  at  12:20 AM

I found this looking for proof that there had been some sort of direct competition between SNL and SCTV back in the day. I know they were on different days but I seem to recall reading an article (editorial?) about how NBC decided to pursue only one of its two comedy shows at some point and because of that terrible decision made at the network level decades ago, SCTV was canceled in favor of the by-then bloated and unfunny SNL. I remember reading that article in fury and it being yet another plank in my growing political platform of fuck-Adam-Smith, you’re killing genius here!

If you know I’m wrong for reasons besides my politics, please enlighten me.

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