Saturday Night Fired or “You’re on a Charles Rocket Out of Here!”

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As a successor (and possible replacement) of Last Comic Standing, but with an obvious Apprentice twist, NBC reportedly is working on a reality competition to become an SNL player. Lorne Michaels would obviously play the Donald Trump role.

With the enigmatic nature of Lorne Michaels firmly established in the media
along with rumors that Mike Myers’ “Dr. Evil” is just a really great impression of the SNL impresario, why NBC didn’t try this sooner become the question. On the other hand, Michaels trademark unflappability under pressure (to paraphrase a quote I’ve read: “Lorne gets more British every year.”) might radiate too much cool to be a compelling TV-style boss.

Just like LCS, this won’t necessarily find the funniest sketch player, but maybe it’ll give fans and detractors insight into making the show, if the competitions are made relevant at all to the truly destructive pace the show is assembled under. Much as I hate the idea of reality funny taking place of actual funny, I’m curious.

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Posted by Gumphood on 11/08  at  02:52 PM

Hey let me know when casting for this occurs.  I have a bet I have to fulfill and this could be a epic disaster.

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