San Francisco Sketchfest Coming Next Week

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I’m very pleased to say that Dead-Frog will be one of the sponsors of this year’s San Francsico Sketchfest. The line-up this year is very impressive right from the beginning with an opening night gala on January 11 featuring the comedy team Stella.

I won’t be able to be there, as I’m grounded in New York for a bit, but here’s some of the highlights I see on the schedule:

  • RiffTrax Live This show will feature that missing comedic commentary track that all DVDs should have, as delivered by Mystery Science Theater 3000 vets Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy And Bill Corbett. The target: a major motion picture not yet announced!
  • Match Game Live The game show I always used to love to stay home and watch when I was sick will be hosted by Jimmy Pardo and feature the panel of David Cross, Maria Bamford, Paul F. Tompkins, Doug Benson, Todd Glass, Scott Aukerman and B.J. Porter.
  • Upright Citizens Brigade: A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T. The original brigade nearly reunite save for Amy Poehler. Standing in for her is the perhaps not lovely but insanely talented Sean Conroy. And better yet the monologues will be provided by Bob Odenkirk
  • and a Tribute to Paul Reubens Pee-Wee’s progenitor will talk with legendary journalist Ben Fong-Torres about his amazing career.

There’s more. A lot more. Including shows from sketch comedy groups Elephant Larry, Killing My Lobster, Troop and Kasper Hauser. Plus, the Benson Interruption, Invite Them Up, Comedy Death-Ray, Naked Babies and a Tribute to Mitch Hedberg with rarely seen footage.Simply if you’re in the bay area, you’d be a fool not to gorge yourself on as much comedy as you can stand. Check the SF Sketchfest site for more details. Enjoy.

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Posted by Jack on 01/04  at  10:18 PM

Holy crap is that a lineup!  That’s the kind of lineup that you could invite friends who aren’t comedy nerds—but like comedy to an extent—to and they won’t constantly be going, “Who are they? I could do that!”

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