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NIck Swardson's PartyWith Nick Swardson becoming close to Adam Sandler, it should come to no surprise that there’s a couple of sketches on his first album “Party.” But for those who enjoy Swardson’s relaxed stand-up, a more absurd version of their best bud, will be thrilled to hear that a live performance takes up a bulk of the album.

The first track features Swardson talking about a particularly bad birthday gift and playing a gay character on Reno 911. And the second track contains Swardson’s favorite joke.

“Party” also includes both of Swardson’s Comedy Central Presents specials. It hits stores on October 23.

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Posted by Misti on 11/05  at  02:44 PM

This is an AMAZING CD.  Nick is probably one of the funniest comics I have come across…and the CD is a testament of that.  You HAVE to own this if you like Nick! SHITS WEAK!!!!

Posted by Amanda on 11/17  at  04:25 AM

I freakin’ love Nick Swardson! I actually had a really bad day today, but after hearing that,it does’nt even really matter, because Nick IS that funny! He’s a great comedian, and really cute, too! Loved Grandma’s boy! Everybody buy this, I Know I’m going to!

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