Preview: Joe Rogan’s “Shiny Happy Jihad”

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Joe Rogan's Shiny Happy JihadWith all the recent news of Joe Rogan confronting stand-ups who steal, many who didn’t know he was a stand-up are going to wonder what his bonafides are. They don’t have to wait long. His new album from Comedy Central Records, Shiny Happy Jihad comes out next Tuesday. This track has Rogan wondering about the motivations for people to blow themselves up and segues into how disturbing guys can be. You may notice a similar theme connecting the two.

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Posted by Ed Humperfield on 04/07  at  12:53 AM

Wow. Pretty not-funny. He should look into stealing some jokes.

Posted by malren on 04/07  at  07:14 PM

I disagree with Ed entirely - I thought it was pretty funny and I’ll be buying the album.

Posted by osama apple pie on 05/09  at  08:54 PM

Mr Rogan,
Please stick to introducing people on fear factor and keeping track of the time on that show.
This isn’t funny or clever.

Posted by Carl on 05/10  at  10:16 PM

It is observational humor and I am yet to observe anybody else make any of these observations. Unique, fresh and factually accurate. Good job Joe! I’ll be buying this album once I get paid.

Posted by Na, T on 06/04  at  08:54 PM

Mutha fuCKa how you gonna Hate with a name like osuma mi apple pi, bitch shut ur pi hole wen talkin’ to jo

Posted by Leigh on 09/13  at  10:03 PM

The last 3 minutes are gold and very funny! he just had 2 minutes of set up… listen to the entire 6 minutes and you’ll laugh outloud a few times.

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