Preview: Bill Burr, “Emotional Unavailable: Expanded Edition”

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Bill Burr's Emotionally UnavailableEvery time I’ve seen Bill Burr live, he’s pretty much owned the room. His performance at a “Bubbling Up” show at the Montreal Comedy Festival was so engaging, I just stopped taking notes and listened. So it’s no wonder that What Are Records has picked up Burr’s previous self-released effort, adding new material to the CD to make “Emotionally Unavailable: Expanded Edition”. Best of all, their letting his fans who have already bought the album get the new material for only $5 by trading in their previous copy. Not a bad deal and seem pretty fair to those who supported Burr early on.

Part of the new material added is this track, which was one of my favorite bits from Burr’s HBO One Night Stand. In it Bill Burr describes visiting his black girlfriend in Harlem and how his fear rises as the street numbers go higher.

The expanded version of “Emotionally Unavailable” hits stores on October 16 or is available now through the What Are Records website.

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