Out Now: Christopher Titus’ “The 5th Annual End of the World Tour”

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Christopher Titus new album coverI’m not too familiar with Christopher Titus and his work, but from what I’ve listened to from this album, I’m curious. The album, “The Fifth Annual End of the World Tour”, has some moments that are almost serious - one comes after this where he talks about one disabled Iraq War vet. But this track is very simple, about the difference between British and America security and law enforcement called “English Batman.”

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Posted by James on 06/09  at  02:13 PM

luv it!

Posted by dee green on 11/10  at  12:38 PM

Is there a DVD of Christopher Titus’ ‘End of the World’ tour?

Posted by djramennoodles on 12/14  at  12:00 AM

@ dee green: there is a ‘end of the world’ tour dvd, FINALLY, available at http://www.christophertitus.com.  the first 5000 are autographed by christopher titus himself!  you can order all 4 of his 90 minute stand up specials indiviidually, or in a box set.

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