One Step Closer to Idiocracy: Brawndo to be a Real Drink.

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The much mistreated Mike Judge film “Idiocracy” is actually getting a licensed product - the energy drink Brawndo. Thanks to 20th Century Fox’s stupidity about releasing the film, “Idiocracy” is basically a cult classic. So this is more than a little surprising to me. I guess the “comedy nerd” demographic is more attractive than we thought.

We never see an ad for Brawndo in “Idiocracy” but this commercial posted on YouTube seems pretty on point. And it’s hysterical.

(It’s also very similar to a video for “Powerthirst” by the sketch group Picnicface. I’m told it was all on the up and up. Picnicface cast member Mark Little does the voice for both Brawndo and PowerThirst. So don’t worry about getting outraged or anything. Just enjoy.)

According to Brawndo’s website, the drink is to be in stores Dec 15th. (BTW, the Brawndo website was previously owned by Vintage Cotton, a funny T-shirt site with quite a few Idiocracy inspired designs including “Camacho for President” and “Ow My Balls”, I don’t know how well they sell, but the fact that people wanted to make them is further proof to me that 20th Century Fox didn’t have a clue what a piece of comedy gold that they had.)

Of course, Brawndo in the movie is responsible for a famine and a dustbowl that’s destroying the country. So it’s not exactly a positive association. Still, that’s not really going to bother the drink makers, who are also the creators of the Cocaine Energy Drink. Here’s the Daily Show segment on Cocaine and its creator Jamey Kirby:


Update: In a further sign of Fox waking up to the film, there are now officially licensed T-shirts for Idiocracy available.

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