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I caught a couple of shows this weekend as part of the fest. One of which was Friday’s Comedy is for Humans, hosted by Baron Vaughn and Joshua Grosvent at the PIT. The conceit of the show is that most stand-up events run through performers fast, bringing up as many performers as possible, each with a five minute chunk of time to perform.

Comedy is for Humans is a little different in that it allows performers to go at length - a sometime rare opportunity until you’ve reach a certain point. All of these people have got the goods to got that long, but it’s not a muscle they get to flex as much. So part of the fun is watching the performers feel that out - to see how they manage those moments of awkwardness where the segue isn’t quite there. Comedy is for Humans is a great title for the show because you can fake a persona for five but for twenty, but you can’t hide all those little things that make you human (well, at least not without a lot of practice).

Comedy is for Humans takes place every Friday at 8PM at The PIT

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