New York Comedy Festival Line-Up Announced

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New York Comedy FestivalTickets are on sale for the New York Comedy Festival, which takes place November 6th to the 11th. A lot of these big names frequently perform in New York but rarely in as big of shows as these. Right now tickets are on sale only for American Express members. But general ticket sales open up on the 14th. Here’s what playing so far

  • Sarah Silverman with Special Guests Doug Benson and Todd Barry
    This seems like the hot show, since the American Express tickets are already gone. If you want to see Silverman, plan accordingly. And early.
  • Denis Leary and Friends
    Leary doesn’t do much stand-up these days to my knowledge, but I saw his show during the first NYCF and it had guests like Patrice O’Neal and Nick DiPaolo. So if Leary is out of practice, his friends certainly won’t be flabby.
  • Louis CK: Chewed Up
    Jesus, it’s Louis CK! Just go already if you haven’t seen him live yet. God. How many times do I have to tell you people…
  • Damon Wayans: Live in Concert
    He seems to be reembracing stand-up in recent years, but I still haven’t seen him live. Could be a great show.
  • Artie Lange: Fully Loaded
    I’ve enjoyed Artie on Howard Stern before, but I’ve never seen much of his stand-up. So I’m curious.
  • An Evening with Bill Maher
    Maher is a brilliant joke crafter about politics and social issues. And prolific. But he just did a special on HBO - will he have enough new stuff by November?
  • Janeane Garofalo: Satiristas with Special Guests Greg Proops, Mark Maron and Paul Provenza
    Not only do I really like this bill - I love the term “Satiristas” - it’s perfect considering some of the political edge of a couple of these comics.
  • Seth McFarlane, behind the scenes at “Family Guy” & “American Dad”
    These two really aren’t my favorite shows, so I’m “eh” on this. But I’ve heard raves about McFarlane being able to effortlessly switch between character voices, almost having conversations with himself. So it might be fun for that tightrope aspect.

All in all, not a bad schedule. And they’re promising more. If you want tickets to any of these shows, visit the New York Comedy Festival website.

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Posted by boneman on 08/08  at  06:36 PM

....I don’ get it. I AM confused here…
Denis Leary….isn’t he from Boston?
What, is THAT war over, now? New York and Boston?

OK, just an out-a-date hick….

Posted by Jerell on 08/18  at  08:31 PM

Anyone seen Leary’s No Cure for Cancer stand up? Hilarious.

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