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A new parody hit the stands this week with a rather delicious premise entitled My Wall Street Journal. The “My” part refers to News corp mogul Rupert Murdoch who acquired the esteemed financial paper late last year. Many cringed at the inevitable changes that would come to the paper under Murdoch.

Tony Hendra, formerly of the National Lampoon and Spy, decided he’d best satirize it before reality caught up with him. The paper begins as the Wall Street Journal and then, as Fox News and NY Post style makes its presence known, the paper turns into something else entirely. I believe the word Hendra used is “travesty.”

A small confession, I’m a contributor - in a small way - to said travesty. But there’s a lot of far more brilliant folks than me involved with it including Terry Jones, Richard Belzer, Andy Borowitz, Jeff Kreisler, Todd Hanson, Rob Kutner, Ian Lendler and Bonnie Datt. They’re all very talented folks and well worth your $3.95.

Murdoch doesn’t just get it in print. The fun has continued online as well. Besides the website, there’s this:

There’s been some suggestion that the paper might be hard to find because the satirized are buying up all the copies.  Haven’t had a chance to check to see if that true at the stands myself, but if it is, the parody can also be bought on Amazon.

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