Mitch Hedberg Asks “Do You Believe in Gosh?”

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the cover to Mitch Hedberg's Do You Believe in Gosh Many of Mitch Hedberg‘s fans are looking forward to the release of the comic’s posthumous album. Mitch’s widow Lynn Shawcroft, who’s been putting together the tracks, yesterday let me in on the title for the album. It’ll be called “Do You Believe in Gosh?”, a phrase taken from one of Mitch’s notebooks. “Do You Believe in Gosh?” will be released on September 9th.

To give you an idea of what Mitch’s notebooks look like, here’s a page my friend Ian Lendler sent me that they handed out at the Mitch Hedberg tribute at the 2007 San Francisco Sketchfest. Here you see a couple of jokes and then a set list for a Letterman appearance.

Update: Get a preview of the album and listen to some sample bits from “Do You Believe in Gosh?”

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Posted by Rebecca on 07/10  at  06:05 PM

“I like only D chords.” 

That is so Mitch. 

I miss him.

Posted by Sean on 08/21  at  11:40 PM


A great entertainer.

Posted by 222-2222 on 08/31  at  12:47 AM

If he were here today, would Mitch now understand how well he was loved by so many? I believe he was ultimately incapable of fully accepting that love, incapable of feeling truly worthy of it, and that this was likely what drove him to his tragic end.

“It’s all about likeability, really” was an offhand remark he made while talking to himself in front of hundreds - recorded for millions to later witness - that is so haunting now, more than three years later. This “likeability” was his holy grail, it seems. He was so introspective, so self-critical, and became so dysfunctional while striving for an ultimate perfection that he nor anyone else could ever hope to achieve. He fell so short of his own expectations without realizing how far he had exceeded what could be reasonably expected of him. I still grieve for this man, every day, and continue to learn from the pain he suffered.

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