Lost Chappelle’s Show Hits DVD First(?)

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Comedy Central just announced via press release that the sketches that Dave Chappelle completed prior to leaving the network will be coming to DVD as “Chappelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes Uncensored.” The DVD will contain three lost episodes along with another hour of unaired sketches, musical performances from John Legend and Dead Prez and a “making of” doc. There are also commentaries from Charlie Murphy, Donnel Rawlings and Neal Brennan, who I imagine has an interesting perspective on the sketches, as he butted heads with Chappelle over the comic’s discomfort about the racial impact of the bits.

There’s no word in the release whether they’ll see air beforehand (the previous airdate was potentially mentioned as July 9), but my best bet they aren’t going to so that the DVD makes the maximum splash possible. Fans may have to pay for their curiosity about what might have been. Chappelle vowed not to work with Comedy Central again if the lost episodes saw air describing it as a “bully move” that would damage their relationship. He also stated he would be pleased if his fans boycotted them.

“Chappelle’s Show: The Lost Episodes Uncensored.” hits stores July 25th.

Update: I did the math and airing three episodes starting Sunday July 9th, followed by a quick DVD release immediate after the third does seem to be the plan here. The desire to hit DVD hard is there, but not at the expense at ad dollars.

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