Kids In The Hall - A Belated Just For Laughs Update

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When you’re at comedy festival and seeing a lot of shows - sometimes three a day - you miss talking about a couple that were exceptional. I feel a little negligent that I didn’t talk about the Kids in the Hall Just for Laughs reunion show the next day. I’m making up for it now.

The material was all brand new - 90 minutes worth. Most of it was fantastic, showing their instincts to be as sharp as ever. My particular favorites were the following:

  • Dave Foley getting recognized by a fan (Scott Thompson) on the subway - which leads to a surprising joke about the late Phil Hartman.
  • Foley and Kevin MacDonald arguing over who their imaginary girlfriend loves the most.
  • Kevin MacDonald vamping with a song that’s only 3/4ths written, including a missing guitar solo.
  • Mark McKinney and Bruce McCullough as a husband and wife seemingly oblivious to their horrifically evil baby and their chosen godparents’ attempts to escape caring for the child. (BM: “But you do crack socially.” MM: “You’re trying to be responsible. That’s why we chose you.”)

But obviously, recurring characters are something fans like to see. Scott Thompson didn’t disappoint with a fantastic Buddy Cole monologue about Jesus Christ being gay, stating that Christ “wanders with twelve other men, drinking wine and washing each other’s feet. I went to a party like this.” But a highlight was definitely the encore, which brought back the Headcrusher character to decimate the cast for their post-KitH career choices. With the amount of cell phone cameras that went up soon after the character introduced himself, I knew it would make its way to YouTube. Here it is:

Though the Kids are talking of doing another tour, let’s assume that this is the end of the line for the Headcrusher bit. Yesterday, a DVD came out of the KitH Pilot Episode - “Headcrusher” edition. Featuring the original Headcrusher sketches, it’ll serve as a nice backwards bookend to the live show bits I’ve embedded above. (The less said about the rap remix on the promotional site for the DVD, the better)

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Posted by squid on 08/16  at  02:43 PM

went the to the friday KitH show and it was amazing! by starting off the show with the collective decision to rape kevin; bruce playing a slutty, retarded, swedish teenager who only speaks in baby-talk and the brilliant “rat-catcher/futon” sketch which i can’t describe, but is one of the best written and performed sketches i’ve seen them do live…it would be a horrible waste if they didn’t take this show on tour.

Chase Roper
Posted by Chase Roper on 08/17  at  02:24 PM

I miss these guys so much. It would be awesome if they’d toured one more time and stopped in Seattle.

Posted by Thaahum on 01/25  at  10:10 AM

I’m a little biased and like the promotional rap song for the DVD.  But I’m biased because I wrote and recorded it.  Yep I’m the man behind the mic.  It’s actually longer with a full 3 verses.  if anyone’s interested in hearing it, feel free to email me.

Hip Hop helps promote and sell EVERYTHING these days!

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