Jim Gaffigan Walks the Bacon’s Edge

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Jim Gaffigan has a new special coming on March 29 entitled “King Baby” and he’s got a fantastic promo for it that’s hysterical funny in it’s own right, particularly if you’re a comedy nerd. Watch:

It’s a fun play off of Gaffigan’s own everyman persona and accessible material, but it’s also just a brilliant send-up of the ubiquitous way comedy specials are marketed these days - shaky rough type on black screens, with all the promotion copy screaming “Edgy!” It’s a great jab to make at comics who assert their countercultural bona fides in between every joke.

After the jump is Gaffigan’s extended riff on a topic other comics are afraid to touch. But Gaffigan’s going to chew it up. Prepare yourself and then click through for Gaffigan’s “Bacon” bit.

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Posted by John Moore on 05/04  at  10:17 AM

Jim Gaffigan is a comedian’s comedian - this guy defines professional. His material and delivery are awesome without resorting to trying too hard to be “edgy”. He’s relatable and should be a study for younger comedians.

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