JibJab’s Great Sketch Experiment

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I’ve been meaning to talk about this for forever, but JibJab has really put together a great little idea in hooking up some of these up and coming sketch groups with a big time director, John Landis. The videos are all very impressively produced considering they were all made in roughly three days - which account why they are all cop/law enforcement related - speeds up production time. For somebody who’s also the father of the modern comedy movie - Animal House has been de facto remade once a year since its release - I’ve found it hard to see John Landis touch in these. But that’s kind of by virtue of the product - sketches don’t necessarily need to be played real.

To me the best of the lot are Elephant Larry’s “Tall Cop Short Cop” - which pushed the logical absurdity of a very simple premise quite well.

and Famous Last Nerds’ “Shawshank in a Minute” - which taps into a regular Internet meme.

But your mileage may vary. Watch all the videos from the Great Sketch Experiment and vote now. You have until November 16 and if you change your mind between now and then, you can change your vote too. The whole process of making the shorts is impressively documented as well, so there’s more riches here than just the videos themselves. A pretty good way to spend an hour.

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