Jerry Seinfeld: The Moment We Wanted in all that Overpromotion

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There’s been more than a few articles lately that seem to tear down Jerry Seinfeld, mostly motivated by the near relentless advertising and promotion for his “Bee Movie.” I can see why people get annoyed with this stuff - but I passed most of it using fast forward on the DVR. So maybe that’s why I’m not surprised that Seinfeld still has a bullshit detector himself, specifically during at his Larry King appearance, where he takes umbrage at the famously unprepared King saying Seinfeld (the show) was canceled.

It comes off a little mean, but wasn’t Seinfeld (the show) a little mean? Isn’t that what we kind of wanted to see from Jerry again?

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Posted by Greg on 11/06  at  10:22 AM

Yeah, that was a little mean by Jerry. But on the other hand I never feel like Larry King knows what’s going on… in the past or in the present.

Thanks for posting this.

Posted by Jenny on 11/06  at  11:31 PM

It was “mean” but hell, he’s at the end of a month long media blitz for his movie, and even funny guys get tired of dumb questions.

Posted by Carmelo Lisciotto on 11/07  at  08:14 PM

Mean maybe,  but definitely funny!

Carmelo Lisciotto

Posted by Robert on 02/20  at  05:46 PM

A little mean, but funny. Seinfelds back in Chicago this April and I can’t wait for the show.

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