iTunes Adds More Stand-Up

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The initial success of Comedy Central stand-up on iTunes is already being repeated with its latest additions to the online download service. All nine of the stand-up specials added have already made it into iTunes Top 100 downloads, including: Carlos Mencia (#8 in the top 100), Brian Regan (15), Dat Phan (28), Jim Gaffigan (29), Demetri Martin (32), Frank Caliendo (35), Darrell Hammond (57), Greg Giraldo (87) and Maria Bamford (98).

With four of the previous set of ten “Comedy Central Presents” still in the top 100, that means stand-up owns 13% of the top TV Show downloads from the service. Pretty impressive acheivement (though I still wonder how many have to be downloaded to get to top 100. 10? 100? 1000? ) No wonder “Last Comic Standing” is coming back and Dane Cook is getting a deal with HBO… TV executives beyond CC smell money in stand-up once again. Here we go again. Get your brick walls ready people.

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