First Episode of Dana Carvey Show Up (with Bill Clinton Teats Sketch)

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When the Dana Carvey Show went up on Hulu, it went up without the first episode. That first episode featured the infamous sketch with Bill Clinton suckling babies, puppies and kitties at his man breasts to show he could be both mother and father to the United States.

I wondered how anyone could think the first sketch of the Dana Carvey show was still controversial today. Particularly with Robert Smigel’s love of using live animals in sketches now being a much loved part of Triumph and TV Funhouse. Apparently they agreed, because the first episode of Dana Carvey just went up last night.

What a shot across the bow, huh? I’ve heard some people say you have to earn the audience trust to do a sketch like this, but I kind of love a show that says “This is what we think is funny. If you like it, stick around because there’s going to be a lot more of it.”

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