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Not one to be self-promotional, but it was cool to have Dead-Frog featured on TV, specifically on Monday’s “Attack of the Show” on G4. Here’s the segment:

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Posted by Kreisler on 11/25  at  02:40 PM

You’re famous now.  As it should be.

Posted by Julie on 11/25  at  04:24 PM


Posted by Rob Bates on 11/26  at  12:27 PM

I like when the one hosts talks about all the stuff on the site, and the other one says, “That’s true.” Sure is!

Seriously, Todd, a really nice plug. Keep up the good work, buddy.

Posted by Snarky on 11/26  at  10:06 PM

Dude. You’re, like, famous. Awsome!!! Seriously, congrats, you should be very proud.

Posted by Catie Lazarus on 11/26  at  11:46 PM

Duly deserved praise. Dead-Frog is alive and kicking.

Posted by Jack on 11/27  at  02:56 PM

Excellent! You deserve it!

Posted by Jeff on 11/30  at  03:11 PM

Way to go Todd!

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