Eh, What’s Up Steve-O? (Plus Contest)

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Watching Johnny Knoxville on last night’s Daily Show, he mentioned a bit in the next movie Jackass 2 featuring him getting run over by a Yak was inspired by an old Warner Brothers cartoon (specifically the act of tying a blindfold and smoking a cigarette beforehand). Later on in the interview it talked about him riding on a rocket for another stunt, which instantly evoked in my head Wile E. Coyote’s ill-fated use of Acme products. Combine that with one short shot from the trailer, featuring one of the boys stepping on the business end of a rake and driving the pole right into their face - something straight out of a Sylvester & Tweety chase.

It was a kind of revelation and it made me wonder how many other bits from the previous episodes or films were inspired by cartoons. Do any others come to mind? I’m sure the connection has been made before but it surprised me how much the stunts from Jackass echo the childhood memories of Bugs, Daffy and others. It probably part of the reason why I find them so funny and why I’m looking forward to the movie’s release on Friday - it’s the laugh of recognition, just a little bit removed.

Contest: I actually have two DVDs to give out, one from the first Jackass movie and one of Season 3/4 of Wildboyz. One lucky reader selected randomly from those who write an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) before Sunday, September 24 will get them.

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