Don’t Order Comedy from the Back of a Comic Book

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Pranking is risky. Improperly done, you look like a douchebag rather than your target. And if you have no satirical intentions to your target, you better make sure the joke isn’t so disruptive that you look like a stupid douchebag. With those rules, it’s amazing to think anyone would think spraying Tom Cruise in the face with water from a squirting microphone would actually have any result other than being arrested. (These same pranksters, who entitled their upcoming(?) show the ultra-urbane Balls of Steel, hit Sharon Osbourne with a squirting camera, what’s next - eyeing Lindsay Lohan with X-Ray specs?) How old are these comics - four?

The saving grace of this dumb attempt at a joke is that it’s given bloggers great post fodder as to what freeze frames of the prank in progress look like.

Updated: Video of the “prank” here.

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Posted by drew on 06/28  at  04:31 PM

I totally disagree. The point of a gag like this is not that the act itself is funny, but that the reaction of an overly-serious pompous ass of an actor is funny, and it is!!

If Cruise had laughed this off like anybody with the slightest sense of humor, this bit wouldn’t work at all and I would agree that it was a waste of time, but watching him switch from “Hey, my face is wet” to “Don’t you know that I’m Tom freaking Cruise, the smartest man and greatest actor time has ever known?!!” is friggin’ hilarious.

Posted by danielle on 07/06  at  03:47 PM

I completely agree that Tom Cruise has proven himself to be a wacko, particularly now that he’s absolutely fallen off the tracks.  BUT—he was sprayed in the face by an unknown person with something wet.  In the current state of the world, it was a scary and stupid thing to do.  Just because you shock someone, even a jerk celebrity, doesn’t mean it’s funny.

Posted by Dave on 07/25  at  10:33 PM

This sort of thing really gets back to the idea that true comic genius - and great jokes - are a true craft. Any dufus can make a dick joke or a racist joke or spray someone with water, you can train a monkey to do the latter. It doesn’t take imagination and creativity to be cruel. That’s why comedians like Andrew Dice Clay have no staying power and why comedians like Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and Jonathan Winters are so loved. Don’t get me wrong, so called low comedy is an art form and there is a whole lot of room for physical comedy and profanity in humour. The great comedians find ways to make connections with the audience, not by alienating their subjects. Robin Williams said it best with his twist on the classic comedic line - “Joke ‘em if they can’t take a fuck”! - See, no dicks, stereotypes, or sprayed water in that line!

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