David Cross and Jon Benjamin’s Freak Show Goes to Series

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Comedy Central seems to be recovering from the loss of Dave Chappelle pretty nicely, first gathering up Sarah Silverman for her self-titled “programme” and now picking up Freak Show, an animated show from David Cross and Jon Benjamin. The show will revolve around a team of superheroes called the Freak Squad who are also members of one of the last independently-owned freak shows (implying that the rest are corporate-owned I suppose).

I was a little cautious about another superhero parody when I first heard about this, but with the talent here and the play on what a “freak” exactly is - the Siamese Twins have the power to separate themselves and The World’s Tallest Nebraskan can shrink himself six inches shorter, I’m sure it’ll be far more than jabs at capes and tights.

The pilot is described thusly:

The Freak Squad is called upon to travel to a remote island under embargo by the United States and controlled by the evil General M’Dinka Magoobi. The mission: to replenish the President’s store of perry nuts, his favorite, which can only be found on Magoobi’s island. Using their individual and combined powers, the Freak Squad escapes the clutches of General Magoobi, secures their objective and saves the President from going nutless.

It’ll be interesting to see how direct a satire this is of the Iraq invasion and President Bush, considering Cross’ current stand-up. Freak Show will premiere sometime between fall 06 and winter ‘07.

A larger picture of the characters from Freak Show after the jump.

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