Dana Gould’s Super Adventure Team

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Long time Simpsons writer Dana Gould is making a return to stand-up as of late (much to the delight of his peers - I remember Penn and Provenza on the commentary to The Aristocrats raving about his performances and wishing he’d go back). I’m really looking forward to hopefully catching him live someday in the near future.

But until then, Gould recently posted a full episode of his rarely-seen MTV series Super Adventure Team entitled “Kiss My Embassy” on his myspace profile. A parody of marionette shows like the Thunderbirds, this preceeded Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s Team America by a few years. Team America is definitely better - probably because there’s a sharper satirical target. But if you thought it was a good format worthy of more exploration, SAT is worth a watch. Here’s part one.

Parts two and three after the jump.

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