Comedy Festival: Dave Attell, Louis C.K. and Daniel Tosh

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Playing catch-up here with The Comedy Festival coverage. This was the best show of the fest so far to my mind. Just incredible stand-up.

First up was Daniel Tosh, who happily informed us he would be up for 20 minutes but I could easily enjoy an hour with him. His style brings a rabid fire cascade of perspective switches and changes so that good jokes accumulate on top of good jokes, eventually just destroying any possibility of breathing normally. He begins a response to Canadians who like seasons with “I love seasons too. That’s why I live in places that skip the shitty ones” and the jokes eventually flow into describing how you become so snowbound that you have to bash your wife’s head to see any color. He goes to dark places but with an energy that doesn’t feel artificial or contrived.

Louis C.K. took a stage and was very complimentary to Tosh: “He used to suck. Now I can only resent him. Fucking faggot.” Much of his set was new to me and imagine will be part of his upcoming one-hour special for HBO. If you saw Comic Relief, you caught a couple parts of it including a guy telling him to suck a bag a dicks and the saddest handjob ever. Much of the fun for me was watching his asides like this one about parents not wanting to tell their kids about gay marriage:

You don’t want to talk to your ugly kid for eight minutes. Fuck your kid. I hope he dies. That faggot. (off audience’s uncomfortable laughter) Called the kid a faggot. Fuck it. I’ll rape that kid on stage. It’s make believe. It’s meaningless.”

Completely fearless.

And then there was Attell, who writes some of the most wonderfully dirty jokes I’ve ever heard. And many are incredibly inventive creating pictures that you can’t get out of your head, no matter how much you try. He even acknowledged this at one point with this bit about trying to describe how sweet pineapple is:

“If Santa had a pussy that would be pineapple’s asshole. You don’t laugh because we’re all wondering what Santa’s pussy looks like.”

Attell can also be blunt too, He also marked that Steven Irwin jokes were funny with a nice bit about how the crocodiles took out a hit on him and the stingray “or as I call him, the Puetro Rican of the sea” filled the contract.

It’s popular to package tours now under “The (blank) of Comedy” now, but with a show like this, after a while, the names of the comics would be all people need to know. If Tosh, C.K. and Attell ever work together under one bill together again, it’s a must see.

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