Chappelle Plans Surprise Seattle Show

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In. oh, 40 minutes or so from now, tickets go on sale for “The Block Party All Stars featuring Dave Chappelle” - a show unannounced until today and naturally, as it’s Dave, had the appropriate PR effect - landing immediately on Yahoo’s home page (where I saw it.) Pretty effective promotion of his forthcoming concert film “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party”, which also features surprise attendance at a Chappelle event for some lucky folks. The show takes place this Sunday at 7PM at Seattle’s Paramount Theater. According to the office Ticketmaster site, you can only get a ticket if you live in Washington, Oregon or Idaho and each ticket costs $52.50. Love a report on this one if any of my readers attends.

Buy a ticket to “The Block Party All Stars featuring Dave Chappelle” (sales start at 1PM on 2/15/06)

UPDATE: Looks like Dave will be going to more than Seattle. It’s merely the first stop in a tour of shows to promote the film. Cities include:  San Francisco, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Birmingham, Charlotte, North Carolina, Upper Darby, PA and the close-to-Dave’s-farm Dayton, OH. I did notice on the Dallas page that it says Dave will not be performing a full set. With two musical acts at each destination, I’m not sure this is not true for all points in the tour. Visit ticketmaster for all these shows.

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Posted by Mike on 02/15  at  11:36 AM

Denver paper announced show here also. Dave was just here in November at the Comedy Works and very nice as always, off stage.
Here’s a link with tix for shows in Houston, Birmingham, Charlotte and Philly area.

Posted by Mike on 02/15  at  11:38 AM

Ooops, link is…

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