Brent Weinbach: Unseen at Gotham

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One of the things I haven’t mentioned about Just For Laughs is who I ended up flying next to - Brent Weinbach. One thing that came up was his Live at Gotham set and how Comedy Central promoted the show. There’s a moment in the promo - which didn’t make it online as far as I can tell - where Weinbach acts like he taking a creepy sniff of one of the audience members (the same girl used in the chastity belt bit seen below):

Brent mentioned it was a favorite part of his set and he was a little disappointed that it didn’t make it. I was a little disappointed too - it was a bit that I was looking forward to seeing. It’s kind of a strange change - something’s great enough for a promo, but not right for the show, which is what the promo is selling. It’s a very quick visual and has more movement and interaction than a typical stand-up bit.

As Live at Gotham is a rising comic’s show, I suppose I can see why they don’t feel that didn’t have to put exactly what’s in the show in a promo. Not necessarily will the people be names. But I’ve seen them do it with other stand-up specials - one that comes to mind is Daniel Tosh’s “Completely Serious.” I think it may have happened with the Comedians of Comedy special at the Troubadour.

But here’s a bit of Brent Weinbach goodness we’ll definitely be seeing, two episodes of his Super Deluxe series “Weinbach in Wonderland”. The self-hatred involved in creating these is more than a little brilliant.

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