Bonnaroo: David Cross, Aziz Ansari and Nick Kroll - “You Might Be a Deadneck”

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If you’ve ever watched one of the Blue Collar specials, you might remember that Jeff Foxworthy and company all join together on stage at the end for a round of storytelling or catchphrase riffing (some might argue spewing) on Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck.” At this year’s Bonnaroo, David Cross, Aziz Ansari and Nick Kroll did a wonderful parody of the later. Part of what makes this so fun is that though Bonnaroo’s a music festival, it’s one set in the south — Manchester, TN. So it feels a bit like a mind bomb.

Kroll’s Southern accent is insanely funny but Cross’s is disturbingly accurate. My favorite joke of the whole set: “If the bumper sticker on your Toyota Prius says ‘This Car’s a Faggot’, you might be a Dead Neck.”

A slightly different version of the bit, shot at a second Bonaroo show is after the jump.

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Posted by Velvet Elvis on 07/05  at  07:00 PM

Nick Kroll is EXTREMELY talented

Posted by Trashley on 07/09  at  10:28 PM

Bonaroo is in Manchester, Tennessee, not Murfreesboro.

Todd Jackson
Posted by Todd Jackson on 07/09  at  11:16 PM

Trashley - I’m usually good with research, so when I heard David Cross says “Murfeesboro in the house” in one of the Bonnaroo clips - I assumed that’s where it was at. I should have known better. Thanks for the correction.

Posted by Mitch on 07/18  at  02:07 AM

The reason David says Murfeesboro is because that is where the hotel is that he stayed at (the nearest city, if you can call it a city).

Posted by bad on 07/24  at  09:22 PM

jesus, aziz is terrible.  why did they let him do that bit when he can’t even write a decent joke?

Todd Jackson
Posted by Todd Jackson on 07/25  at  12:32 PM

“bad” - I think you’re missing the point of Aziz’s part. The jokes he’s wrote are meant to be overstating the premise over and over again. Now, whether you find it funny or not…

Posted by karel zeman on 11/06  at  12:33 AM

i saw every comedy show last year and this year, and i think doug benson would be a perfect addition next year. with his super high me movie and marijuanlouges, he’s a perfect fit. also, BRING BACK Nick Kroll. oh and give john mulaney another chance. he did not perform to his usual ability. he is the best in nyc… ps- somewhat of a nice improvement with the comedy tent this year. but the best solution over all is to space the shows a part to allow seating to happen as people come up to the tent instead of hours in the sun. try it. just space the shows with enough time to have the tent emptied, and open doors possibly an hour later, for a show to start half an hour from then…..

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