Bob Odenkirk’s Lost Pilot “Next!”

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Today I was on the phone with a friend raving about the brilliance of the lost Bob Odenkirk sketch comedy pilot “Next!” I’d seen it once or twice at Other Network shows and loved it. Since everything is on YouTube (at least for now), I did a search and voila, three of the sketches from the two episodes made popped up. Here’s a look at what might have been:

First Jerry Minor as an R & B singer who pledges his allegiance to the American flag and its budonkadonk.

The next is a song that cleverly reverses “rebellious” rock into strict parental discipline. It parodies a Limp Biskit song, but it avoids being dated because its so apt - Odenkirk’s dad character is probably what rap-metal listeners will turn into one day.

Jay Johnston plays one dumb, dumb brother in a commercial for a family car dealership.

Every title that appears on screen of that one kills me - it’s this epic attention of detail that was a hallmark of Mr. Show as well. It’s that discipline to eek out the logical extremes of a joke that makes it so lamentable that it didn’t get picked up. Sigh.

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Posted by Anthony Devito on 03/15  at  02:00 PM

These clips are great…  Bob O. is a genius and it’s pathetic that this was passed on.

The Essy Bros. clip reminds me of SCTV at its finest… and that’s no small compliment!

Posted by CJ on 03/15  at  02:40 PM

God I love Bob Odenkirk! He’s shot so many funny things that never or rarely get seen… Thanks for posting that!

Posted by Doc Oc on 03/15  at  06:46 PM

Bob Odenkirk is great, but this pilot is awful.

Posted by Jack on 03/15  at  07:49 PM

The concepts are good, and when they hit the mark it’s classic, but when it’s slightly off I feel like the air is drained out of me.

That and the fact I have a slight case of bronchitis.  ZING!

Seriously, I can see why the show was passed on.  But Bob is good.

Todd Jackson
Posted by Todd Jackson on 03/15  at  11:31 PM


I admit that the song part is the reason to watch the flag bit - the introduction to it is a little weak (it’s actually unclear that the singer doesn’t know what happened on Sept. 11), but once you’re in the song, you’re golden.

The Bread Winnerz bit might be considered long. I actually liked it all the way through, but I can see how others would say it.

But the Essy brothers thing is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


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