“Bloody Mary” pulled. Catholic League Gloats.

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The Catholic League has issued a press release commending Comedy Central for pulling the South Park episode “Bloody Mary” and in the same sentence, calling the creators of the episode “bigots.” The Catholic League furthermore claims that Comedy Central’s Executive VP of Corporate Communications Tony Fox stated that there were no plans to rerun to episode. My previous assumption that the episode’s reairing was delayed by the proximity of the holidays was erroneous.

South Park fans are a little uncertain about how they feel, considering a previous episode “Jared Has Aides” was never aired again, only to see the light of day again on the South Park Season 6 DVD. Since the Catholic League’s original demand was for the episode to never appear again on-air or on DVD, fans might want to assume the worst.

Comedy Central’s Viewer Comments Web Form

If you want to see the episode, it is available via BitTorrent at mrtwig.

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Posted by Yaanu on 12/30  at  05:00 PM

Sort of ironic: The Catholics practiced “their First Amendment right”, when Comedy Central did exactly the same thing against the Catholics.

Something tells me the fight’s not over.  I read that the average South Park episode can be completed in about three days.

Posted by Dan on 01/03  at  04:41 PM

If catholics don’t want to be laughed at then don’t be catholics.  Come on! Get a sense of humor.  And hey comedy central, have some back bone would ya?

This is one South Park episode I’ll go out of my way to see.

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