AristoContest Five. Hell’s Too Good for us Now.

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When I nearly vomited at the first one, I couldn’t imagine enduring this nonsense to five shows. The human body is amazing. This installment featured a cartoon by Phil Haney of National Lampoon and the site superawesomewow, Sketchfights’ producer Josh Callahan and the misindentified-by-TimeOut New York Jon Friedman. (Still TONY, thanks for the “Don’t Miss” plug). And the winner of the $100 prize, provided generously by V2 records on behalf of the CD companion to the Aristocrats movie, was Margot Leitman, whose variation of the Aristocrats joke featured Lionel Richie and Nicole Richie and much of the ephemera surrounding them, in a very VH1 “Best Week Ever” way, save for being far too filthy for VH1 (at least at this date). I’ll never watch the “Hello” video the same, Margot.

Once more, check all these people out doing shows around NYC that don’t require theaters like the PIT to go through a Level 4 decontamination process afterwards. Also sheck out Aristocontest host and co-producer Alex Zalben’s new podcast SketchfestTV. Good stuff. We’ll do one more of these in February. Check the Aristocrats Joke Database for date and time.

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