AristoContest 6 - God Damn Us, Everyone

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Our most recent show featuring comic’s renditions of the Aristocrats Joke just about proved to me that there is no such thing as the bottom. We’re in the abyss here folks. Thanks to Scott Eckert (of the duo Scott & Ellie) for his rendition featuring the Supreme Court breaking all of God’s laws and the brilliant Liam McEneaney, whose baby-puppy animal-human hybrid was surely what Dubya was warning us about in his state of the union address (read his joke here). Also thanks to a could of drop-ins, Danny Perez and Joel Keller (of the blog TV Squad) for sharing their nightmarish visions of the act.

Our winner this time was from a man who hates the Aristocrats joke, Alex Blagg, who repudiation of all that we hold unholy was rewarded with a $100 prize, thanks to V2 Records, distributors of the Aristocrats Soundtrack. As a stunned Alex said in his acceptance speech, “irony.”

Again, thanks to all the performers who all have other shows that you should check out. Shows that their mothers probably approve of (slightly). After witnessing nearly 2,000 Aristocrat jokes now in film, theater and online, I think co-producer Alex Zalben and I may only have one or two more of these shows in us. If you want to experience this depravity for yourself it might be best to be at the next Aristocontest, March 25 at the PIT.

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