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The New York Times ran an article on Alternative Comedy in the Styles section recently, an article some argue it should have been written years ago or was already written in another publication. Still, it’s good to see the scene get long overdue notice (and for fellow blogger The Apiary to get a shout out). Best part of it: the mention that a week’s worth of entertainment is to be had for $18.

The opening premise of the article however, detailing a Hitler Dice Clay character performed by Brett Gelman (“I’m conquerin’ Europe over here!”), leads to an assumption that Hitler jokes wouldn’t work for audiences at the Broadway-area Caroline’s or it’s a taboo subject among Seinfeld-like observational comics (as the title suggests: “Seinfeld It Ain’t”). But “The Producers” firmly brought Hitler humor both to Broadway and the movies (for a second time). And Seinfeld referenced Hitler in at least six episodes of his sitcom (including an episode where Elaine’s boss looks like Hitler and gives a Seig Heil). Along with jokes about Hitler in the Simpsons, Family Guy, Monty Python, South Park and others, I think it’s safe to say that Hitler humor, like calling someone you disagree with a Nazi, is very much in the mainstream. Seinfeld it is.

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