Sin Trek and Cosbees

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Despite my own disinterest in its frequent high vote getter Mr. Sprinkles, this first season of Acceptable TV has been a great joy to watch.  There’s been some great premises that have been left on the floor - I’d love to see them them do a small little “save our show” campaign over the break between episodes. Take all the first season videos that didn’t make it past one episode and do some March Madness tourney-style voting. Which ever gets voted at the top gets another episode on the first season of the show. Personally, I’d love to see more Shady Acres or The High Fiver.

My favorite from this weekend’s episode was Sin Trek, a Star Trek parody that only uses the form to get some good jokes in at the expense of some of the ridiculous rapture fiction that seems to mark fundamentalist’s fantasies these days.

Sadly, I’ve “time-shifted” my viewing of the episode, so I can’t encourage you to vote for it. But I can tell you to watch their season finale because they teased an animated segment called Cosbees, a flagrant tweaking of House of Cosbys. That show was part of the birthplace of Acceptable TV—Channel 101. Or it was until Bill Cosby‘s lawyers threatened to sue. Nice to see Dan Harmon and the other creators have good memories and aren’t letting this silly threat go unchallenged.

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