A Preview of Demetri Martin’s CD “These Are Jokes”

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The cover art to Demetri Martin's CD, These Are JokesHere’s an exclusive track from the upcoming CD by Demetri Martin entitled These Are Jokes. The album was recorded earlier this year at Chicago’s Lakeshore Theater and will be released on September 26.

This clip features Will Forte joining in with Demetri for “The Personal Information Waltz.” It plays with idea of callbacks in a very surprising way. Enjoy.

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Posted by in10 on 09/14  at  11:57 AM

Thanks for the preview man. But, is it my imagination, or was Demetri’s voice about 80 levels deeper than it normally is?

And also, is that the CD cover? I pre-ordered the CD weeks ago from Amazon.com and they still don’t have a cover on there yet.

Todd Jackson
Posted by Todd Jackson on 09/14  at  03:05 PM

Yeah. I noticed that. Had to tweak it a bit and bam, Demetri sounds more like himself.

And yep, that’s the cover as far as I know. It’s weird Amazon hasn’t added it yet.

Posted by Mike on 09/17  at  04:42 AM

Second the thanks for the preview.  Funny, in a Steven Wright-ish kinda way. 

I think Forte is a generally solid performer, but his bluesy musical role here felt kinda gimmicky and unnecessary…like an SNL skit.  Like to know if that idea was his or Demetri’s. 

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to hearing the whole album.

Posted by dave on 09/20  at  08:57 PM

he sounds like the late great Mitch Hedberg a little, like if you listen to his voice/style near the beginning especially…

Posted by Timmy on 09/25  at  08:05 AM

About his voice, I was at one of the three shows and he had said at the beginning it sucked cause his throat had just gotten fucked up that day, hence the different sounding voice.

I am excited as all hell for this to come out, I have been waiting too long! Got tickets for his tour also, sooooo excited.

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