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I must apologize for the lack of entries this week. I came down with a 101.6 degree fever earlier this week that I just got over late yesterday/today and have been playing catch up with other biz ever since. I’ll update some later and all this weekend.  Thanks so much for your patience.

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You may have heard that bloggers using Movable Type have been the victim of comment spam as of late. To circumvent the spam, I adopted some measures that should allow users to comment whether they are registered or not. If you’re registered, you’re comments will appear immediately. If not, they await for my approval. If you’re a spammer, you should hopefully not reach the site at all (unless you want to read some opinions on comedy in between pimping mortgages, poker and erection pills).

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Hilarity Sues…

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I suppose I should just jump right in. But I have too much Charles Foster Kane in me to not start up with some variation of a Declaration of Principles. But I draw the line at making the final entry in this blog, “Rosebud.”

This is about comedy. I’ll aggregate any of the comedy news and give some commentary, along with news/reviews on funny ha-ha movies, TV shows, CDs, DVDs, books, mags and video games (I consider Grand Theft Auto to be a work of satire… a very good work of satire). I’ll cover some comedy history - like the long lost zine Army Man created by George Meyer during the writer’s strike—kinda like my favorite column on comic books (see I’m not just a comedy nerd. I’m a regular nerd too.) Every Friday I hope to throw up a little humor piece of my own for your amusement and to provide fodder for people who think I have no idea what I’m talking about. All this kids and much, much more. Or less. I haven’t decided yet.

A little note on the quote from the initial entry… I originally though Mark Twain said it. See the benefits of a good Google search. I picked it to acknowledge to you, gentle reader (or more likely - abusive skimmer), that I understand that looking too closely at comedy, like an eclipse, can burn out your retinas. So I’ll try to not be pedantic when talking about humor, but if not, I’ll be humorously pedantic (but not in a Ben Stein way).

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Why this blog is a bad idea.

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“Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.”

-E. B. White

But I’m going to do it anyway.

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