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Hey, What’s Up with the Site, Todd?

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Things have been a little quiet on the blog as of late. I have every intention of changing that. Here’s what’s up:

First, I’m welcoming Julie Seabaugh, who not only knows stand-up but has a strong opinion about it that she can back up. She used to publish the web magazine Two Drink Minimum, which was one of my own inspirations for creating Dead-Frog. You’ll notice that she’s already posted her recent review of Mike Birbiglia’s “Sleepwalk with Me.” She’ll be posting on the site as often as she likes. I’m looking forward to reading what she’s got to say.

I’m hoping that Julie’s posts will inspire some back-and-forth between her and I, letting Dead-Frog cover comedy more broadly as an art form. I pride myself on being authoritative but without being authoritarian. I’ve always wanted Dead-Frog to be a vessel for more voices than my own. Now is as good as anytime for that to start.

Second, I’ve become a bit obsessed with the programming aspects of the site. There are things I want to do with the site more than just talking about my thoughts on the funny stuff out there. And they take time to develop, design and code. In my interest in pursuing them (and a living), I’ve really slacked off on keeping the life blood of the site going - the blog. I’m embarrassed I have to write that, so my desire to avoid doing so ever again should help me be a bit more frequent poster.

Still, following from Julie, I’d like to add a couple of bloggers. Since both Julie and I are in New York City and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I’d like to get a regular poster who can talk about comedy in Los Angeles and another who’s up on Chicago. From a pure territorial perspective, that’s what I think Dead-Frog needs.

But I don’t want to “fill a coverage hole” - I want people who respect comedy as a art form but still laugh like demented chimpanzees. So if you’re interested in blogging for Dead-Frog, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). If you live in one of two areas I mentioned, so much the better. But whatever the case, tell me what you think Dead-Frog needs and why you’re the person to bring it. I welcome any and all insights into this little site.

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Dead-Frog on Comical Radio

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I recently stopped by the radio show Comical and talk a little about comedy nerds, joke stealing and who the heck I am anyway. You can listen to my segment right here.

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Keeping Up with the Stand-Up Comedy Database

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Sometimes when I’ve not added a new post to the blog, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on Dead-Frog. The Stand-Up Comedy Database is still a large project that I keep trying to expand and make as comprehensive as possible. But there hasn’t been a very easy way for people to track the updates.

Until now. I just finished creating a RSS feed for the Stand-Up Comedy Database that collects every time a new comedian is added or updated and also whenever a new work (be it album, special or book) or joke is added to the database. If you want to subscribe here’s the link:

Stand-Up Comedy Database RSS Feed

Also: as a note, I’m looking to add quite a few more comedians to the database before the year’s end. If you think there’s a comedian who is being egregiously overlooked right now, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) who I am missing. Please include any relevant works or info that’ll help their case.

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Self Promotion Alert: Dead-Frog on Attack of the Show Again

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This isn’t news to some of you people, because you’re coming to the blog exactly because of this kind mention on Tuesday’s episode of G4’s Attack of the Show. But here it is for the rest of y’all.

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Nine Finger Blogging

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I’m going to play catch-up today on my blogging - writing about a couple of things I would have written about earlier. I probably will be a little behind all week. On Sunday, I cut my right index finger, needing five stitches. It didn’t look like this, but it sure felt like it:

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Featured on Attack of the Show

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Not one to be self-promotional, but it was cool to have Dead-Frog featured on TV, specifically on Monday’s “Attack of the Show” on G4. Here’s the segment:

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What’s New with Dead-Frog? A Stand-Up Comedy Database

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If you’re familiar with Dead-Frog, you may have noticed I put a new dress on this pig earlier in the week. The site is definitely prettier but there’s a bit more to it than that. There’s some additions and some adjustments to hopefully bring some stuff up you may not have noticed was there before - the iTunes top 100 comedy albums, the news archive, and the radio playing comedy clips. But the biggest part of the new site is a project I’ve been working on since January called the Stand-Up Comedy Database.

The Stand-Up Comedy Database has over 150 comedians in it so far, with more to come. Here’s some of the features of it:

  • A list of works from each comedian divided into comedy albums, specials and books by and about. If the work can be bought on Amazon or iTunes, there’s a link that takes you directly to that page.
  • Video automatically pulled in for YouTube for each comedian.
  • Sample jokes for each comedian - if available. Some don’t translate well to just text. But there’s multiple jokes for many of the comedians in the database. If you refresh, you’ll probably see a different one.
  • The ability for members to rate a comedian on delivery and material, along with their comment on the comedian. These ratings are compiled into an overall rating for each comedians, along with rating for delivery and material.
  • Members can also mark their favorite comedians, which creates a list of favorites for other users to surf through to find other comedians they might like if they think a user has a similar taste. If you comment on a comedian and he’s one of your favorites, that comment will appear on your list to. The favorites are compiled into a master list of favorites for all the members.

There’s more to come - biographies for each comedian are next. I would have had them for launch, but it’s a big project and I want to get them right and in a format that’s best for the site. I have a couple of other additions in mind as well, along with some expansions of what’s already there. But it’s ready for playing with, to reference and, in classic Internet fashion, to argue/dispute over. You can get started at the Stand-Up Comedy Database home page (which will be tweaked in the next week or so) or on the full archive of comedians. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) are more than welcome.

Most of the more interactive functions are member based, so if you haven’t already, please register with the site. If you’ve already commented before on a blog post, you’re already in the system. Request your randomly-generated password by telling the system youforgot your password and giving your email address.

There’s also a new forum section, in case you want to talk about something comedy related that I haven’t posted about yet. It’s member driven as well. For you non-joiners, blog commenting will still not require membership at all. Non members can comment on anything they like. If you are a member though, you’ll be able to select a little avatar to sit next to your comment.

Anyway, I’m very excited to finally get this out to the world… this idea was like Brain Crack to me and it’s finally good to be off the pipe. I hope you enjoy.

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